Minitab 2023


This article will guide you through how to download the full version Minitab v21.2 and install it on your PC. For instructions on how to install Minitab v21.2 on your PC, follow the link below.

Table of contents

  • Software
  • Minitab v21.2 System Requirements
  • How to download and install Minitab V21.2
  • Files required

About software

Minitab Statistical Software is able to analyze past and current data to find trends, predict patterns, reveal hidden relationships between variables, create stunning visualizations, and even tackle the most difficult challenges and opportunities.

You can achieve unlimited possibilities with powerful statistics and industry-leading data analytics.

Minimalism has these main characteristics:

    • Analyse measuring systems
    • Capability analysis
    • Graphical analysis
    • Hypothesis tests
    • Regression
    • DOE
    • Control charts
    • *Graph Builder
    • Binned scatterplots, boxplots, bubble plots, bar charts, correlograms, dotplots, heatmaps, histograms, matrix plots, parallel plots, scatterplots, time series plots, etc.
    • You can also create 3D contours or rotating 3D plots.
    • Probability distribution and probability plots
    • Automatically update graphs as data change
    • Brush graphs to explore points of interest
    • Export: TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EMF
    • Descriptive statistics
    • One-sample Z-test, one- and two-sample t-tests, paired t-test
    • Tests for one or two proportions
    • One- and two-sample Poisson rate tests
    • Two variances tests
    • Correlation and covariance
    • Normality testing
    • Outlier test
    • Poisson goodness-of-fit test

Minitab v21.2 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • RAM*64 bit systems: Recommended memory of 4 GB or more
  • Processor Pentium 4 or AMD Dual Core processors with SSE2 technology
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB (minimum) free space available
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Connectivity For activation of single-user or trial licenses, an internet connection is necessary

How To Download and Install Minitab 21.2

  1. Click on the download button(s) below and finish downloading the required files. Depending on your download speed, this may take a few minutes or several hours.
  2. Extract the files. If you don’t know how to extract, see this article. QWERTY is the password for extracting.

  3. Run Setup.exe. Install the software