VideoScribe 2023


This article will guide you through how to download and install VideoScribe’s full version for free on your computer. Follow these instructions to get VideoScribe installed on your computer.

Table of Contents

  • About the software
  • VideoScribe Systems Requirements
  • How to download and install videoscribe
  • Required files

The software

VideoScribe automates the creation of whiteboard animations. Sparkol in the UK launched it in 2012. It had over 250,000 users in 135 countries by April 2014. VideoScribe is a Flash-based application that produces Flash videos and QuickTime movies. Video files can be exported to Quicktime video, Flash video or image sequences (JPEG or PNG).

VideoScribe Requirements


VideoScribe must be installed on at least one computer in order to run it.

  • Microsoft Windows Vista and higher
  • 1GB of available RAM (2GB recommended)
  • An X86 compatible processor or Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo oder AMD Phenom II) recommended
  • A screen with 1024×768 resolution is recommended (1280×720 resolution is preferred).

Downloading and installing VideoScribe

  1. To download the files, click on the button(s) that appears below. Depending on how fast you are downloading, it might take several minutes to an hour.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. If you don’t know how to extract, see this article. QWERTY will always be the password to extract.

  3. Run Setup.exe then install the program